Heritage Volunteers
The   Borders   Heritage   Volunteer   group   are   currently   working   alongside   Edinburgh   Heritage   Volunteers on a project at Thirlestane Castle. Their   primary   task   is   to   create   an   inventory   of   all   the   items   in   the   Museum   of   Border   Country   Life      - firstly   a   paper   record   of   each   item   will   be   created   and   then   this   is   entered   into   an   Excel   spreadsheet. Each item is then photographed and the picture married to the electronic inventory. Once   the   inventory   is   well   under   way   the   items   will   be   moved   from   the   museum   and   put   into   storage until a new home can be found for them. This   is   a   sizeable   project   –   roughly   100   items   have   been   catalogued   so   far   and   it   is   estimated   that there   are   over   2,000   items   in   the   museum.   If   anyone   is   interested   in   helping   with   this   work,   group leader   Ray   Cartwright   would   be   very   grateful   for   a   few   more   volunteers.   Heritage   Volunteering   is   a wonderful   opportunity   to   learn   skills   from   professional   conservators   as   well   as   being   very   interesting and rewarding work. Please email Ray  at braesidelanglee@gmail.com if you would like to help .
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